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Show and Tell - My Hometown (March 8)

When people ask me where I am from I always say Katy. It's quick and easy, but in reality I moved around a bit. Let's take a look...

Lake Charles, Louisiana (1982-1984)
I was born in Lake Charles, LA in August of 1982. I have no memories of this house, but we were here until I was about two and half. (Picture courtesy of google maps)

Lafayette, Louisiana (1984 - 1988)
I remember this house being HUGE! But when I went to pull a current image off google maps I found this...
It looks so tiny!
What I remember:
- My room was the one on the top right, the boys shared the room on the left. 
- There was no fence....just wide open space
- There was a huge ditch in the back of the property and my dad used a plank of wood to create a bridge. We would play back there for hours....apparently the ditch wasn't as huge as I remember. 
- My dad built an awesome tree house for us
- Most of our time was spent outside
- Sitting at the downstairs front right window (our living room) waiting for Nick to come home from school. 
- Hunting for crawfish in the ditches
- Speech therapy with my dad. I had a ridiculous accent and didn't pronounce the letter R at all. So Car was Caw,  Rooster was Woosta and so on and so on. I remember him asking me all this but it wasn't until I was older that I understood why. Oh and my reward was getting to lick stamps ...I loved licking stamps. 

Don't mess with this crew :)

Katy, TX (Round I, 1988-1990)
This neighborhood was completely new and our house was one of the first ones completed. It's crazy to see how big those trees are now. 
- I met my best friend Cristin (Aylmer) Steger living in the Green Trails apartments while our house was being built. 

Quito, Ecuador (1990-1991)
- Our first overseas experience was to Quito, Ecuador. We lived on the main floor of a high rise condominium. We had a driver and a maid and that was the norm. 
-One day when I was leaving school I stopped by Steven's class to pick up some things from his teacher (he had a minor foot surgery so was out for a little bit). I noticed that he received the school directory and I asked his teacher why it was given to him and not me. She said, well usually the youngest is the most responsible about getting stuff to their parents. I responded with "Well, in my family I am." I am sure I had a big ol' grin too.  And guess who left the directory on the school bus that afternoon?? guilty...
-We climbed Mt Cotopaxi (or it was the smaller one next to it??)
- Met another best friend (Kellie Sirven) in Quito
- Stood at the Equator

Katy, TX (Round II, 1991-1995)
Here we go again! Moved back to Katy into a new subdivision. This was another new house in a new subdivision that had no mature landscaping - clearly things have changed. Our house was actually on a very busy street and our dog, Zeus, would always get loose and chase cars - we really could have used that gate back then!
- I spend 4th - 1/2 of 8th grade here. Those are some pretty significant years, so I think that is one of the reason's I consider Katy my hometown. 

Stavanger, Norway (1996-1999)
- In the middle of 8th grade my dad was transferred to Norway. I remember flying/moving on NYE and we celebrated one of the many time zones we flew over. Also, we were invited to go up into the cockpit with the pilots - I just remember there were like five or six people in the cockpit (along with the pilot and copilot), it was small and everyone had coffee breath. 
-Norway is a beautiful and safe place to live. We had so many amazing opportunities to travel around Europe (family trips as well as school trips), explore the beautiful outdoors, and meet people from different backgrounds/nationalities/cultures. I think that is such a gift to give your kids during their childhood/adolescent years. I remember thinking how cool it was to see/explore the things that we learned about in our textbooks!

Katy, TX (Round III, 1999-2000)
- I basically moved back for my senior year (I actually came back Spring Break of my junior year and lived with some family friends until my mom and brother moved back that summer. My dad didn't get back until the next Spring.) 

Austin, TX
In the Fall of 2000 I headed up to Austin and started my freshman year. 
I graduated May 2004 from the School of Advertising (now the Stan Richards School of Advertising & Public Relations).

Dallas, TX (April 2005 - current)
I took a job with The Richards Group in April of 2005 and moved up to the big D. 
I love living in Dallas and I just realized that I have lived here longer than any other location (even all my years in Katy combined)! So while Dallas is definitely home now, I consider Katy my hometown. 

Although I consider Katy my hometown we never actually lived in KATY - as in The City of Katy. Technically we lived in the "Greater Katy Area" which is kind of an in between land - not quite Houston and not technically Katy. It's a little odd but I digress.

Over 309,000 people reside in the Katy Area. Katy's past growth between the years of 2000 and 2010 increased by 83% and the growth is projected to continue.  When I graduated from James E. Taylor High School there were only three high schools. Now there are seven (with and eighth under construction).  There are 13 junior highs schools, and 37 elementary schools! SO it's completely different from when I grew up there.

So what's so awesome about 'The Greater Katy' Area?
- It's close enough to Houston to benefit from its assets and resources but far enough away to nurture a safe, comfortable family-focused community lifestyle.  
- Katy Independent School District is one of the state's most acclaimed school districts. 
- Award-winning master planned communities with amazing amenities
- Great dining & shopping options 

We visit my parents in Katy and I sometimes leave thinking Kevin and I should just move out to the burbs...I completely understand why it's so popular. Some of our favorite things to do when visiting The Greater Katy Area:
- Lupe Tortillas: My all-time favorite Texas' Mex restaurant ever! I loved it growing up And it's even better as an adult. Hello Margaritas, the kids are entertained and the fajitas are the best! We go at least once while we are in town...sometimes more :)
- HEB: Is it weird that I like to go to a grocery store? I just love me some HEB
- La Centerra Shopping Center: They have a few cute stores that I like to check out when I am in town - (CobbleStone Cottage and Runway Seven). They have a bunch of yummy places to eat - Torchy's Tacos, Grimaldi's Pizza, and a Zoe's Kitchen too. We have been known to pick up some food and have a picnic on the big green area where the kids can run wild.
- Katy Mills Mall - when the mall first opened I was in high school and I worked at Mikasa (so random)...now it's a place to take the kids. They have a Rainforest Cafe, it's not my favorite place in the world but in a pinch it will do. I also love the some of the outlet stores they have there!
- Parks & Swimming Pools:  There is one park that is walking distance to my parents house and a ton others that are just a short drive...we love checking them out when in town. It's always fun to mix up your park game. And in the summer (or spring and fall here in Texas) the pools are a favorite! My parents have a pool which we love to swim in, but there are also some neighborhood pools that have fun slides and toddler splash areas. My mom just informed me that this summer Typhoon Texas is coming! We will have the check that out!


  1. That is neat how much you moved around! Loved hearing about each place! I have only lived in 1 place my entire life....2 if you count college! Thanks for sharing!


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