Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Spring Break - San Antonio

My brother, Steven, and his wife, Claire, invited us to come and visit so we decided to make San Antonio our Spring Break destination this year! Wohoo! The boys were so excited the entire week leading up to our trip. Ryan told his class and teacher all about Uncle Steve and his magic m&m tree*. 
*The M&M tree came about because Uncle Steve would give the boys candy every time he saw them - specifically m&ms. He would randomly send them pictures of himself eating m&ms and told them that's what he ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner. He said that he even had a tree at his house in San Antonio. And that stuck. 
My mom hitched a ride (with a friend) up to Dallas so that she could help me drive down to San Antonio with the kids.  We left Sunday morning around 10:30 and got to Uncle Steve's around 2:30/3pm. When we arrived, Uncle Steve took us out back to check out his M&M tree. Pretty cool tree, huh?

So of course we picked some fresh m&ms. 

We played and then headed out for fajitas and ritas at El Chaparral

Our first day we checked out the neighborhood park and played in the backyard. The boys played on the slip n' slide for over an hour...they loved it!
That night Claire's sister Jillian came over and bought her new kitten, Felix.  All three kids were obsessed. Especially Hayden. 
I have never seen her focus on anything for as long as she did on little Felix. 

After a bit, Felix needed a break, so they put him upstairs so the crazy kids couldn't get him. We ate dinner and then had a water balloon fight! 

On Tuesday we headed to the San Antonio Zoo
Since it was Spring Break it was pretty crazy but once we got inside it wasn't too bad. The main issue was that I completely forgot Hayden's shoes...and she kinda hates being in the stroller so that was fun. Luckily she is obsessed with her Papu and he was able to hold her most of the time. Every once in a while he needed a break and she was a little escapee. We eventually found some sandals at a zoo shop but they were pretty horrible and would hardly stay on her feet. #sigh

Other than that minor mishap we had a great time. The San Antonio Zoo is a smaller zoo but they have a handful of larger animals that the Dallas Zoo does not have, so seeing those guys was pretty cool! 

My favorite were the hippos!!! 

They were doing a live encounter with this guy...

The Nile Crocodile.
We checked out most of the animals then headed back home so this little lady could get a nap. 

On Wednesday we headed to Morgan's Wonderland
This park is awesome - it is the worlds first theme park designed with special-needs individuals in mind and built for everyone's enjoyment. The kids had so much fun and it was nice that it wasn't too crowded!

On the ferris wheel. Ryan loved it, but Grayson and Hayden wanted me to hold them tight. So sweet!

Claire's mom and sister came over for dinner that night. All the kiddos had so much fun with Georgeanne. 

Happy St. Pattys Day! 

We took at walk to the local library for toddler story time. Grayson wasn't feeling great, I think all the activity was catching up with him so he wanted to stay home with Yiayia. Ryan and Papu read some books and played in the kids area while I took Hayden to the story time. I was so impressed with it - we sang songs, read books, and then had play time! 

Playdough, sand table, building blocks, puppets, toys...a toddlers dreamland! She loved it!

In the children's area they had a lego table too...

Of course she loved running off and hiding in between the book shelves. 

For dinner we headed to The Pigpin. They have drinks, live music, a playground for the kids and food truck style food - perfect!

Ryan thought this chair was pretty cool. 

And this girl was all over the place! 

Friday morning we packed up this crazy crew and headed north to Austin. 

Big hugs!

We had so much fun visiting Steven and Claire in San Antonio and can't wait to go back! 

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