Sunday, June 7, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend in Austin

It's always a good weekend when you spend it in Austin. We headed down Saturday morning to visit with friends and celebrate Jacob's 35th birthday.  We arrived around 2pm and found everyone swimming in the Pearson's backyard...but that didn't last long because it started to pour down rain about 30 minutes after we arrived.

The kids had a blast playing together...running all over the house and hiding under the beds.

Justin with all the little ladies!

Even Bob was invited - reunited with his buddy Deebs!

Stacey threw Jacob's birthday bash at Thirsty Planet Brewery. Fried chicken, mac n' cheese and beer. Pretty perfect if you ask me.
The boys

And their better halves :)

Hayden wasn't pleased with daddy eating her mac n cheese. 

The kids were invited and thank goodness for the jenga blocks...that was basically our babysitter the entire time. Kevin and I have been meaning to get some for our backyard and this just solidified our decision.
They built so many different things with the blocks and of course...loved destroying it all. 

This little girl took Grayson under her wing. They were best buddies all night.

So much fun!

So the party was from 6 - 9pm...and we were gonna head out about 8ish to get the kids down but when we finally got ready to go we were under a tornado watch. All was fine and we were just chillin out but then the lights went out. Soooo...we took cover. In the fridge. There were a lot of kegs so the men were happy.
The weather calmed down and we were able to safely make it home.

On our way out the bartender offered some free "low-fill" beers to us. The crate was a little wobbly so they secured it with saran wrap. Good stuff. 

On Sunday morning Jacob made kolaches and waffles for everyone. 

Grayson was pretty excited to help.

The kiddos chowing down on breakfast. 

After a lazy morning of playing and park time we had a little quiet time before heading out to the Paprocki's for swimming.

This little lady loves the water!

 After a little swimming we took the golf cart down to the barns to feed the horses. Ryan wasn't interested (surprise) but Grayson thought it was pretty cool.

The kids put a bunch of beer in the wagon and strolled it around to all of the adults. Well trained. 

As the third child it is somewhat amazing that Hayden actually has some sort of schedule. The good thing is that she can adjust to not having a schedule.

The men played two heated games of volleyball. I'm not so sure who won, but they sure were aggressive. 

LIttle ladies playing

Happy girl!

Such a fun weekend with friends!

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