Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Burrus Going Away Party - A Dallas Farewell

One of our favorite Lakewood families moved away this summer. While we (and many others) were pretty bummed to see them go I know they will be happy in their new neighborhood (and city) and hopefully visit Dallas often! I remember the first time I met Katie was at The Little Gym when Charlie and Ryan were less than a year. It's crazy that we now both have three kiddos and our eldest are FIVE! Time flies....

The Burrus family has so many wonderful friends here and everyone wanted to help send them off with a fun Dallas themed farewell party!


If you haven't been to the arboretum you are missing out. And for families is that much better...not only is the new Rory Myers Children's Garden an awesome place for your little's one of our favorite spring and fall activities is the mommy and me Mondays or tiny tot Tuesday's. We spent many of these days on play dates with the Burrus's!

Another Dallas classic.  I found this cute book online and hope Charlie, Evie and Ford enjoy reading


Yum. This is a Dallas staple. Or at least a Lakewood staple.


#5: TIMES TEN CELLARS (another Lakewood goodie)



Our neighborhood is pretty awesome. Great location, great people, 


And the #1 reason to miss Dallas - FRIENDS

It's still hard to believe they have moved. Right now it just feels like we haven't seen them because summer has been crazy but that as soon as the school year starts up we will be pulling up next to them in the preschool parking lot. 

At least they are still in
God Bless Texas. And the Burrus family :)

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