Monday, June 15, 2015

10 months - Hayden

 My sweet little girl is 10 months old already! This past month was full of crazy rain and wild thunderstorms resulting in a lot of indoor play dates. Over the past couple of weeks the weather cleared up and we are loving being outside - this little lady is happiest outdoors!

Favorite Foods: Blueberries!!! This little lady loves them...gobbles them up so fast! Also a huge fan of bananas, cheese, chicken, salmon, pasta, sausage, grilled cheese, mac n cheese, squishy pouches & Cheerios. I mean...she eats a lot. At times I am pretty sure she eats more than they boys do.

Words: lots and lots of blabbering. She has also discovered the loudness of her voice. And it's loud. Kevin and I have also both heard her say "Da Da". Obviously I don't think she knows the meaning...but it's pretty cute.

Favorite Activities: Ummm eating. And really just hanging with her brothers. She loves her brothers and always gets a huge smile when they come into a room.Anytime they are around she is completely entertained...and wants to get in the middle of what they are doing.

Favorite Things: She loves balls, blocks and anything she can stick in her mouth.  One of her all time favorites is the Playskool Busy Basics Popin Pals toy.  She loves pushing those animals back down. She treats it like a job - if those animals pop up, no matter what she is doing, she immediately guns it over there to push them down. Love it. 
Least Favorite Things: Staying still for a diaper change. Ugh. It's a battle every time.

Signature Moves: Her crawl. We call her Peggy - it is short for peg leg...because she kinda only uses one leg and the other one swings behind always ready to be pulled to the front for an instant sitting opportunity.
Yanking her hair. When she is nursing or taking a bottle her hands are on the prowl. She is either reaching up on her head to yank her bow out, tug her hair (aggressively...over and over again) or her hand comes after me - my face or my hair...whatever she can grab. It's like she just can't be still.

Home-girl has progressed like crazy in the physical development area. She went from army crawling to crawling, to pulling up, to walking (while holding on to things) in a matter of was kinda crazy. I have no doubt that she will be walking soon if she continues at this rate.

Playing at the Perot Museum - this little lady LOVED the baby area! She was happy crawling around and playing on all the wall activities.

Loves attention from her brother!

She discovered the push buggy car and is loving it - it's a little dirty but this little lady don't care. 

We have been spending a lot of time up at the pool...the new baby pool area is great but Hayden is only entertained for so long. When she starts getting really excited she will crawl further in (it's a beach entry) so she quickly finds herself underwater and isn't too pleased. She typically plays around for a little bit and then wants to crawl around and find leaves to stick in her mouth.   BUT she always loves eating!

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