Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Our first visit to the ER

With three little kiddos I knew it was bound to happen - it was never really a question of "if it would happen" but more of "when will it happen".  And now I know. I am completely grateful for the fact that it was not an incredibly eventful or life-threatening situation. Plus if you are gonna hang out at the hospital for four hours I would recommend having Nat with you! It was nice to have time to actually chat with her and she also came stocked with a bag of tricks (seriously... all sorts of snacks and charged ipads). Nat FTW!

Backing up a little bit....
We met Katie & Nat for lunch at the Shops at Park Lane. We were chatting while the boys played in the water feature...which also features a bunch of rocks. If you know boys...you know they love rocks. And throwing rocks into water is probably one of my boys favorite things to do. So that's what they did.   Yes, I realize that the creators of this water/rock feature were not creating this for children...but when you have rocks and water it's really difficult to keep a handful of boys away from it. Anyhow, one thing lead to another and as Andy was trying to make a BIG splash, Grayson head was in the way....and BAM. Nothing like getting knocked in the head with a big ol' rock to end a lunch date. Although I watched the entire thing play out I didn't expect blood. I was worried about a concussion and just thought there would be a bruise. When I picked him up I realized there was blood...which then kinda sent me into a little mini panic. BUT, I must say, as much as I hate blood and any type of medical emergency I think I was pretty darn calm (go me!).

Once Grayson was in his car seat he was actually not even crying anymore. When we got to the ER he was asking for goldfish. I was starting to doubt the severity of this...he seemed completely fine (minus the gash).  I called his pediatrician (office was at lunch when it happened) and they recommended that we stayed put. So we did. Grayson was in such good spirits (which was great) but I was worried that maybe I overreacted and that after all this waiting we would be sent home with a big ol' bill and a band-aid.

Just hanging out. I don't know why their faces are so goofy but it was the best shot I got. You should see the rest. 
Finished the goldfish and moved onto Pirates Booty...

So that's all I could see...not a very big cut at all.  But it was deep (right? I mean I am pretty sure it was....lol I second guessed myself the entire time).

They came in and put some numbing medicine on a cotton ball...and wrapped this around his head to keep it in place. Then we had to wait. He said 20 minutes but I am pretty sure it was close to an hour. 

And then they came in and put a staple in. One little staple. Grayson didn't even know. Like, did not even flinch. 
And then we waited another 45 minutes to be released. Finally.
All in all I guess he needed a staple...but I wish I would have gone somewhere quicker! 
He still has not complained or really even mentioned his head hurting. What a tough little cookie!

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