Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Wedding Weekend Extras

We had such a fun weekend down in Dripping Springs for my brothers wedding. The weather was beautiful and it was so great to see family! For lunch on Saturday the men (minus Kevin) headed to The Saltlick while we grabbed some beers and pizza at Stanley's Farmhouse Pizza.
This place is awesome and super kid friendly!
We were here during Hayden's morning naptime so she snoozed on me. Once the pizza arrived she was ready to dig in. 
Hanging with ProYaya at Stanley's Farmhouse Pizza

Grayson and Ryan had their own beds and they were THRILLED. This was Grayson's first time in a "big boy" bed and he thought he was hot stuff. They slept great - and so did we!

Before heading back to Dallas we grabbed an early lunch at Nutty Brown Cafe

The newlyweds joined us too!

Luckily, for the drive home, these kiddos were OUT ! 
Sign of a successful weekend :)

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  1. What an enjoyable family weekend trip! Really enjoyed watching these trip photographs! On my son’s birthday we also made plans for a trip but we had to cancel the plans. Now we have decided to hire an event coordinator and throw a huge party. It’s gonna be a blast this time!


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