Sunday, June 14, 2015

VBS 2015 - Everest

When my friend Kassidy asked me if I wanted to help with decorations for Vacation Bible School I had no idea that she was making me the lead for theYounger Kids Decorations Committee.  Goodness. 
I was intimidated and nervous as I had no idea what I had gotten myself into. There wasn't a ton of information handed down to fact, there wasn't really any information. I just had to ask questions. To make matters worse I couldn't even remember what the decorations had looked like the previous year - so I had no idea how to gauge the project . Yikes. Anyhow, with lots of help and many many hours we were able to create some pretty cool decorations for the kiddos!were pleased :)
Entry Before:
Entry After:

Stairway Entrance Before

Stairway Entrance After

Stairway Before

Stairway After

Younger Kid Entrance Before


We made an 'Ice Cave' using PVC pipe and lots of white plastic table cloths

The hanging icicles lit up and flashed in different colors.  

And the hallways...they were so long. and brown. lol

Little by little we transformed them...

We had a lot of help over the week and I think it all turned out great! 

Ready for VBS...

Making snow!

Looking for their little brothers who were playing outside

I took some pics of the older kids decorations too! Wanted as much inspiration for next year as possible. 

Ryan and Kelby at VBS

Eileen & Sydney

Popsicles for a cause!

Sharing with Hayden!

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