Sunday, July 5, 2015

Happy 4th!

Happy little's on the 4th! Ready to go watch the Lakewood Parade.

My patriotic fruit tray - super easy and pretty darn cute.

We headed over to the Portera's house around 9:30am. The boys were excited to see all of their friends!

mommy and her boys! 

The kids loved the parade. They really got in to it and would wave like crazy for candy!

This little piggy was so cute!

Hayden & Ryanne

After the parade we headed over to LCC for some pool time!

Around 1:30 we headed back home for naps...we had big plans for a big ol' American cookout but ended up grabbing dinner at Matt's before heading back to the club for the firework show. 

So excited for fireworks!

Happy girl

Loving the ice

The boys had so much fun running around the golf course and dancing to the music.  Hayden was happy and loved all the action too!


The fireworks were awesome and we all enjoyed the show. 
So happy & grateful to live in this country!

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