Thursday, May 8, 2014

Pastries with Parents

Ryan's class invited the parents in for some yummy lemonade and cookies Wednesday afternoon. All the kids were so adorable and the teachers told us how excited they were to have all of us all coming. Although both parents were invited, it ended up being almost all the moms. (I think it was "Parent's Day" because the kids aren't in school for Father's day...and they didn't want to leave the dads out!). Anyhow, when we arrived the kiddos took us to a seat at the table and then offered us lemonade and cookies. Ryan was so darn cute! After some chatting the kids brought us the little gifts that they made. Ryan made me a little jewelry box that he painted pink with gold dots. Inside was a necklace with his fingerprint - so cute! When he brought it over to me he said, "Happy Mother's Day, I love you". What a little sweetheart!!!

Ryan's buddy Kelby with his mom (Jenni) and little brother (Perry)!

Enjoying our yummy cookies! Seriously one of the best sugar cookies I have had...they were from Casa Linda Bakery...I will be checking that out soon :)

Bringing me my jewelry box.

And they made these for the daddys! So cute! 

And after the party we picked up little G from down the hall. He also had some mother's day goodies for me! Love my sweet little boys!!!

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