Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Friday Fun - At the Zoo

The boys hadn't been to the zoo in a while so I was excited to bring them back. Our friends Kelby and Perry met us and the boys had a blast! I thought we had an early start (we got there at 9:30) but apparently everyone (mainly every school district) had the same idea....oops! Although the entrance and parking was a little crazy, it wasn't horrible once we were inside. We decided to check out the Giants of the Savanna exhibits first. On the way we saw some penguins and got a glimpse of the new baby mandrill! So sweet...we saw its  (sex isn't determined yet)  mommy holding it but apparently its daddy is the main caregiver and will take it around on his back. So cute! After the mandrills we checked out the gorillas!

And then of course we climbed on some...
Grayson was still a little tired...which was kind of nice because he just wanted to sit in the stroller. Lucky for me I didn't have to chase him around.

We checked out the elephants but they were too far away for the boys to get excited about them. And the giraffe's weren't out because it was too muddy. boo. We saw a lion from far away and a cheetah up close before heading over to the children's area. 

Ryan's favorite thing to do is feed the birds. I really thought Grayson would enjoy this as well (since he loves to chase birds) but he was not a fan. 

Ryan wanted a bird to sit on his shoulder but the keeper said he wasn't big enough so the birds didn't feel comfortable. Good thing I had my big ol' shoulders
Grayson looks slightly interested here...don't let him fool you!

After the birds we rode a pony...another thing Grayson was not interested in. 

Strangely enough he was oddly excited about the goats. He was all about them in fact. And on the other hand Ryan was not interested in the least bit...he stayed outside the gate. 

Next up was playing in the water!
A big hit with both kiddos!
The water was quite chilly...but Grayson thought it was so funny to lay on his belly and get wet. 
Next up was our picnic lunch...then a ride on the carousel before heading home
Ryan was excited and rode all by himself and Grayson wanted nothing to do with it....
silly boys!

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