Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ryan 2.5 years

Happy half birthday to my little bug!

Such a handsome little man!

It's been a while since I had a post all about you! These past six months have been wonderful but also quite an adjustment - for us all! Here's a brief recap of life with you!

You are a happy little man! I love your sweet little smile and how happy you get over the smallest of things.  You have such a sweet little disposition and love interacting one-on-one with others. (This might have something to do with "sharing attention"...which you have learned to do since Grayson arrived.)

You are not a hug fan of crowds. I have always noticed this during our activities - if a class is very crowded you get easily upset. You hate going up to get instruments or anything from the teacher if a bunch of kids are crowded around. In general you are very good at sharing but when you are in a chaotic/busy environment you have a very little fuse. The smallest thing will set you off - accidentally stepping on something, dropping your toy, unable to figure the toy out....all result in a little breakdown. I know this is just part of your personality, part of being a toddler and I am sure you will grow out of it.

I have noticed that during our Thursday playgroups you boys have started to play together. And it's pretty darn cute. It's funny because you boys will actually talk to each other....and you seem to understand each other-  which is more than us mommy's can say!

Dancing is still one of your favorite things to do. You will bust a move whenever and wherever you feel like it which always puts a smile on my face. 

Eating is always a challenge with you. Some days you will eat something and the next you want nothing to do with it. You always seem to do a little better when you are eating with others...especially your cousins. Your favorites are
- Hot dogs
- spaghetti (especially Gigi's)
- buttered pasta
- salmon (sometimes you love it sometimes you won't touch it)
- broccoli
- Chick-fil-a nuggets (You just started liking them)
- PB&J
- Hummus
- Pizza (really just the pepperonis off the top)
- Fruit - you eat fruit but which kind changes each day...
- Almonds

When you were smaller, breakfast was the meal that I could alawys depend on. You LOVED eating cheerios with yogurt....but then one day you decided you were over that. You tend to rotate between the following:
- Vitatop (we just call them muffin tops)
- Pop tarts
- Cereal - (Kashi because its what your dad eats)
- Mish mash
- Breakfast cookies (when I get around to making a batch)

In general you don't eat much - I guess I would have to consider you picky (which I really tried hard to avoid) but it just kinda happened. The only time it really bugs me is when you won't even try do you know you don't like it??? If you eat three or four bites of dinner we consider it a success. I swear somedays you seriously eat nothing...but it doesn't really affect you so all I can do is offer you food and see what happens. I guess it's just part of being a toddler!

You are talking a lot more and can say a lot more but in general a quiet little man - kinda like your mom and dad. You can count to 20 and sing your ABCs but I am not sure you actually realize you are signing ABCs instead of just a song. You can identify colors, shapes and some letters - like R.

Your "Ks" are often pronounced as a "T" - kinda odd but I remember your cousin Lyla doing the same thing so I assume it's probably pretty normal. For example, for "milk" you say "milt" and for "cookies" you will say "tookie". (Yes, I realize cookie is a C but its that sound that you have problems with). I think it's pretty darn cute.

We have two "Don't Wake the Bear" books and every night you give one to daddy and then follow along with the other one. You pretend read along with daddy and have basically memorized the story because you say a lot of the correct words!

Ah, you are such a great sleeper. We still have you in your crib and you still love it. You have never really tried to get out so I am not worried about you in there. Some days you fight your nap and I am so glad you are in your crib because eventually you fall asleep - I know that wouldn't be the case if you had free reign of the room. We plan to move you to your big boy bed when we move the new house - I am sure you will do great!

You are still in diapers and really not showing much interest in going on the potty. Every boy mom I have talked to says its not worth pushing until you are ready, so I am not pushing it. However, I have made a deal with you that if you go in the potty then you get M&Ms. You totally understand that and will tell me and others, "I go pee pee in the potty, I get M&Ms" but you don't really ever do it. hmmmmmm.....perhaps I will need to think of a different tactic.

Stats: (unofficial)
Tall and skinny. My little boy has lost his little baby belly...
Height: 36.5 inches
Weight: 26 lbs

Other random tidbits:
When we drive around you know where our new house is and always say - our house when we pass it. And if you see another house being built you say "else's house"... which is "someone else's house".

You are basically a whiz on the iphone and/or ipad. Not sure if that is something we should admit but its kinda amazing how well you can navigate those things. Honestly you don't play on them often but we definitely use it as an electronic babysitter (at the restaurant) when we go to dinner with friends. It just makes dining out a little more enjoyable for everyone involved :)

You are currently obsessed with Mickey Mouse. You have a little Mickey that your dad bought you and you take it everywhere - and of course you sleep with it as well. When you watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse you hold him up to the tv when they sing the intro song so he can watch too. It's pretty precious.

I think you are a bit of a next/clean freak like your daddy is. You really dislike being dirty and will want your hands cleaned right away when they get something on them. The other night bob left a present on the carpet and you found it. Immediately you demanded a paper towel and told me you needed to clean it up. You were so serious about it - your dad cleaned it up but you assisted very well.  I should probably clarify that you are neat/clean about don't mind your toys being messy...but I am sure that is all kids at this age. The only time they actually clean things up seems to be during toddler classes like music.

I think I do have you trained quite well as far as picture taking goes. You are so use to me taking your pic that you will look at the camera, smile and say cheese. This also backfires...because if you don't want to participate you will do everything in your power to not cooperate.

Life as a big brother has been an adjustment. The more interactive Grayson is the more interested you are in him - which is great. I can't wait until Grayson is old enough for you guys to play together. I know he doesn't seem that fun for you now but soon enough you guys will be best friends and share such a special bond!

I really wish I could bottle you up and keep you like this forever. You are so sweet and definitely have your moments but you are such a sweet little man and I love you so so so much!

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  1. I read all this.. Brings back tons of memories of Mia at that age. Mia is my easy child. cate is my spitfire.


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