Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Play date

This past week Mary asked me if she could borrow Grayson for a play date. How cute is that? Terry (Whitney's MIL) has been watching Dominic during the month of January because Whitney went back to work. Anyhow, they wanted to arrange a little play date to get the boys together.

Tuesday ended up working out perfectly for everyone. Ryan was starting gymnastics at ASI so I brought Grayson over to Mary's and then the two of us headed to the gym. When we were done we got back to Gigi's and hung out with everyone for a little while.

Dominic and Gray are still adorable. The grandma's measured them - Grayson is 1/2inch taller and 15oz heavier...which doesn't seem like much but I think you can really tell!  Grayson is quite the chunk. Dominic loves to lay on his back and play with his feet - he is super flexible! Grayson hasn't quite discovered his feet yet - he won't stay on his back long enough!

Look at Dom with those feet!

And the rollover...

Happy babies!

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