Monday, February 11, 2013

Grayson 5 months

We actually took these pics outside - yup! In February...that's Texas for you. The ground was a little fluffier than I had thought so you kinda sink down into it - oh well! You enjoyed being outside!
Your eyes are still very blue - i wish I knew how to get a good pic of them!

I love those chunky thighs!

You started rolling over at the beginning of the month (basically right after I posted your four month post) and haven't stopped since. You very rarely lay on your back anymore...the second we put you down you are flipping over to your belly.

You started to reach out for things when you are on your stomach and I swear you are starting to try and move...

You still love standing

Try to put you in the bumbo but you slouch over and it looks incredibly uncomfortable.

Almost out of the swing. Whenever I set you down in there you try so hard to flip over. Good thing you are buckled in or I am sure you would have found your way to the ground by now.

You started solids!  At your four month appointment Dr. N gave us the go we did. At this time you are still getting everything you need to grow through mommy's milk and food is just practice...but you really like "practicing". We have tried butternut squash, sweet potatoes and green beans. You LOVE the squash and sweet potatoes but not such a fan of the green beans. You ate them fine but I don't think they did well in your belly so we didn't try them again. We are still dealing with lot s of spitting up so we don't need anything else to complicate things.
So yes, you are still spitting up ... a lot. Some days I swear it doesn't seem like you keep anything down and others are much better. I am really trying to be good about what I eat - dairy/milk really seems to bother you so I am doing my best to cut it out...which is so hard for a cheese lover like me! I have discovered almond milk which isn't too bad of a substitute for cows milk. The only time I notice a sweet taste is when I use it to make scrambled eggs.
I still nurse you about every 2.5-3 hours during the day and then you get a bottle of 6-8oz of breast milk around 7:30pm. You are also still taking Prevacid for your acid reflux and we give you a dissolved pill at night right before your bottle.

More progress. Yay! So at the beginning of the month you were still waking up at 11, 2, and 4am but I was only feeing you at four. However, I was still getting up and helping sooth you....however, we decided to start letting you "cry it out".  I don't let you cry hours on end, basically for five minutes and if you are still crying we go in and let you know we are there and help calm you down then leave again. My goal is to drop that 4am feeding because I don't think you really need it anymore...a full night of sleep is getting so close!!! I hope :)

So while we are working on the wake, eat, play sleep routine I am so ready for a more defined daily schedule. I am ready for you to be more predictable...I don't think that will happen until our nights are more consistent. You typically take a morning nap and an afternoon nap...but the timing of them depends on when you get up in the morning...which changes daily. You also try and sneak a catnap in around noonish if you are lucky.

As important as nap times are I feel bad because sometimes you aren't able to get a good one.  You nap best in your crib.  I hate having to wake you up from a nap but sometimes its unavoidable. You really don't nap if we are out and about - I think you are so worried you might miss something. You have been known to fall asleep in the baby Bjorn but you don't transfer a car seat or from a car seat. In fact, I would say that you aren't the biggest fan of your usually scream for a while and there isn't anything I can do for you until we get somewhere. The second we are out of the car you are happy again. It will be nice once you have a more defined nap schedule because then I will be able to plan ahead much better. Now I never know if you will nap 30 min or 2 hours....and of course I need to be around when you wake because you usually want to eat! (I know, I know...I can leave a bottle...but I only like to do that if it's completely necessary.)

Size (unofficial)
Height: 27in (I am pretty sure they must have measured you wrong at your last appointment because I doubt you have grown 2 inches in a month! I double-ehcked my measurements AND your Gigi also measured you.)
Weight: 16lbs

January kinda flew by...which is great since its my least favorite month. Anyhow here is a glimpse of what filled our days:
- Trip to Houston with Yiayia
- Meeting buddies Pierson & Jett for first time in Houston
- Hanging with all of our Houston friends/family
- First trip to Lupe Tortillas (Is that odd that I include this? lol....)
- Play date with Dom and your grandmas (without mommies)
And although I usually only post my favorite pictures I thought I'd throw this one in there since this is also a good representation of your life :) A photo shoot (or day) wouldn't be complete without a little spit up. Yum!

So much fun with my sweet little boy! Ready for what next month has in store for us!

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