Saturday, January 5, 2013

Building Vandy - HVAC

the HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air condition) issue.

Unplanned event #2

So when building a house you have to be a tad flexible...or you might go a little nuts. It was about a month ago when our builder came to us and said that there was an issue with our HVAC placement. Our house needs two units and he had planned to have them installed in the attic.  Lines are run throughout the house to deliver air, however since our house is so long they felt that the run to the front room (the office/craft room) would be too long and result in poor air flow. SO we had to move one of the units downstairs...and we had to find a place for it. Such a bummer when you plan your entire house and have plans for every square foot of it! (Is this something that could have been caught earlier? yes. Is this a huge deal? no.) Anyhow, we worked with our builder to find the best option. 

Option #1: Under the stairs
Pros: Space was bonus space as we hadn't really planned on having it
Cons: Inspector wouldn't allow it because of fire code
Option #2: In mudroom hallway
Pros: The most inconspicuous place (that worked within fire code)
Cons: Move doorways & rearrange mud room 
Option #3: In the garage on the ceiling
Pros: 1. Doesn't take away from sq footage of house 2. Up and out of the way (somewhat)
Cons: It would hang down 4ft in the middle of our two cars and just look odd
Option #4: In the garage corner, near the entrance to the house
Pros: 1. Again,  doesn't take away from sq footage of house
Cons: Would have to move doorway from garage to house which would make it awkward getting around cars in the garage

Anyhow, we went with option #2 which made the most sense...but still kinda sucked. Here is our floor plan before:
I had planned on using the area highlighted in blue to store our mail and keys - it was perfect because it was right by the garage and also front door AND it was out of the way! I hate having mail laying around and I hate losing my keys in the house! Such a small little space with such a small little purpose but like I said...when create your floor plan from scratch you have a function for every space!

So here is what happened:

Anyhow, we moved the HVAC unit to the area in red above. In doing so we had to move the doorways to the entry to the mudroom and to the mudroom itself to the right. In the original plans the doorways were in the middle so we were able to have built-ins on both sides. Now, since the doorway is all the way to the right we can't really put built-ins on that side. I am sure it won't be an issue and that our builder will ensure our mudroom will function as we need it to. 
I know. Small potatoes. 
And in reality no one would have ever known that this wasn't the original plan.
 I am just documenting our process and this was part of it :) 
You gotta roll with it...

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