Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Building Vandy - Updates

So over the past month they have been making progress on our house - but not the exciting visual kind. Our house basically has looked the same for about two months now. They have been working on plumbing and know, the actual important stuff. Kevin also met the guys from Starlight over at the house to discuss our wants for tv and audio (which all needs to be wired at this time). We are also interested in doing the lighting system and surveillance system, so they took care of that as well. While all this has been going on we have been working on finalizing our lighting, tile and countertop selections.

It was right around the holidays when Kevin and I started looking at tile. Luckily we have similar taste and selecting the tile we relatively easy. Kevin actually stopped by Daltile one Friday afternoon on his way home from a work trip and picked up some samples. The next Monday I went back and met with our builder and an associate to pick everything out.  I think the master bathroom was the only area that we knew what we wanted from the start and haven't changed out selection at all. For the upstairs guest and kids bathrooms we are doing subway tiles with mosaic accents in the showers. Originally we had selected octagon and dot flooring but in the end changed it because it was a little too traditional for our taste. We ended up doing gray 12x24 tile in the boys and a shimmery white in the guest. I am pretty excited about it and can't wait to see it all!  The last space we needed to make selections for is the downstairs guest bath which also doubles as the powder basically the one bathroom that everyone will see. Because of that we wanted to do something fun and different.

Our original inspiration was this bathroom that I found on Houzz:

After we had made selections I kept second guessing our decisions on this room. I was worried about how it would turn out and if the gray and brown might be too dull.  Originally I had thought that the stone would provide some warmth to the room, but the more I thought about it I worried the overall feeling was a little too cold/sterile for our taste. At the last minute we decided to change it up a little bit and I am super excited about our new selections. My new inspiration is from this picture (from Houzz)  that my mom sent me:

I would LOVE to do an entire wall with mosaic tiles but it would cost about $2k with the mosaic that we selected! Yowsers! So we will just be doing accents.

I am so happy to finally have all the bathrooms finalized (for the most part). It is a sense of relief/accomplishment! I can't wait to see it all come together.

Earlier this week we met with our builder to go over all of the built-ins. It's so great to go room by room and design the cabinets/drawers exactly the way you want them! I cannot wait to move in and get everything organized! We made some adjustments to the original sketches from the cabinet company -- now they will make tweaks and send over the final costs associated with it. From there we make any additional changes and then they are finalized....and will come to life!

This week they will start the dry wall! Yay for walls!

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