Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Half Sleepover

On Monday night we had Audrey over for a "half" sleepover - well that's what she called it! So cute! Sarah said she was so excited and packed up a bag with all of her stuff and brought her sleeping bag too - it was pretty adorable. Ryan wasn't in the best mood when she arrived but he came around and they ended up having such a fun night.

Let's see - the two of them played and then ate some dinner. It's always great when Ryan's cousins are around during dinner time. He tends to eat a little more because he sees them eating and wants to be like them. After dinner we made milkshakes - yum! Next up - bath time....they had fun in a bubble bath. After their baths they played up in Ryan's room - Kevin built them a tent and they ready some books. They loved playing with Ryan's turtle that projects stars around the room in the dark.
What a couple of cheese balls!

Audrey was hungry and wanted some cheerios...Ryan took at look at what she had and said "I;m hungry, I want Cheerios"...which he hasn't eaten in forever! What a silly boy! They sat on the couch together and ate their snacks. 
Afterwards it was time for Ryan to go to bed. Audrey just played downstairs until Sarah and Michael arrived. We had so much fun! Can't wait until we live even closer! I am sure we will have lots of real sleepovers in the future!

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