Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dear Ryan - You are TWO!

You turned TWO!  It's really hard to believe that two years has already flown by...

I love that I get to spend every day with you. It is amazing to watch you grow and learn - you really do change daily! You are adding new words, trying to repeat words and doing new things all the time. It's always so exciting when you do something new...it really is funny how parents get so excited over little things that seem so normal.  Everything really is more exciting when you have a kid...

So what do we do together? Well we have a pretty busy little schedule - mommy likes to keep you entertained...and myself I suppose! We do Little Gym, Kindermusic, Swim class, and Art class and of course you have also been going to MDO. You love music and art class the best, but also enjoy swimming. I think your least favorite is Little Gym but I like exposing you to it...I think we might try ASI gymnastics in the fall instead. Our fall schedule is a little up in the air at this point but we will figure it out once little baby arrives. Our day is basically separated into three chunks of time, morning, naptime and afternoon.  We get out in the morning for an activity, then come home for lunch and nap, then get out again for an afternoon activity. We either have a real activity to go to, meet up with friends, or run errands...it's nice to get out of the house.

Little things you do...
Hygiene. Brushing your teeth. You run really fast to the bathroom and get up on the steps to turn the water on and grab your toothbrush. You just put it under the running water and then suck off the water which mommy thinks is pretty gross but you love it. You like the taste of the baby toothpaste just as much as you do candy - I am pretty sure it's not really that good.
Bath time. You still love it, but I think your favorite part is running around the house naked afterwards. You really seem to think it's hilarious.

Dancing. Oh boy do you love to dance. You dance to your tv shows (Dora and Blues), you dance to the music your toys make, you dance in Little Gym (when all the other kiddos are climbing around), you dance before you take a bath at night. You have even been known to bust a move while we are running errands. Really, you dance all day long and it is super adorable.

Emotions. One of your little books talks about emotions and your daddy got you to work on your faces - it is so cute! You do an adorable "surprise" face, a sad face, an angry face and a happy face. I love it.

Playing. You LOVE peek-a-boo. As in hiding behind things (pillows, curtains or closet doors) and waiting for mommy or daddy to find you. It's pretty adorable. You love playing with balls, with toy cars, trucks and planes, you love anything arts and crafts related and you are still obsessed with BUBBLES!

Talking. I wouldn't call you a gabber but then again neither of your parents really are so it's not surprising. You are adding new words all the time. Sometimes you are really chatty and you look up at us and speak what would seem to be a sentence or more...if it were actually words. You seem satisfied with the output so thats all that matters for now. You have started to say your numbers 1- 10 and even parts of the alphabet. We are working on colors - some days you seem to know them and some days you are apparently just over it. 

Eating. Ah...the typical toddler. Some days you eat and some days you aren't that interested. I think there are only TWO things that you will consistently eat and that would be yogurt covered raisins and popsicles. Other than that you tend to go hot and cold on things.  Some of your other favorites include the chicken tenders at the club,  pepperoni off the pizza at Grimaldis and chips and queso at Chuy's....real healthy, huh?

Drinking. Obsessed with milk. You have been drinking whole milk up until now but we are switching you to 2%.  Your pediatrician recommends switching to low fat or fat free because if you get use to it then you won't mind the taste of it. Mommy and daddy can't stand it so we are going with the 2% - I don't really think there is any danger of obesity in our family so you should be safe. Plus Dr. Oz recommends 2% because when you take away fat your are just adding carbs and sugar...he's pretty healthy so we stick with that.

Swimming. We have been going to the pool a lot and you are also in weekly swim lessons. You love floating in the pool with mommy and daddy (with your puddle jumpers) and you will swim back and forth between us. You aren't much a fan of jumping off the side to us but that is fine for now. Your favorite place is the baby pool where you play with any toys that are laying around. You really like throwing things to the bottom of the pool and getting them yourself (in baby pool) or making daddy get them (in big pool).

Personality. You are a very cautious little man. You definitely think before you act and don't try anything unless you are completely sure it is safe. Your mommy is pretty grateful for this - I generally don't have to worry about you getting into anything, climbing up on things or jumping off of things. You still prefer to get down on your hands and knees to go up or down stairs...even over the door stump. Just recently you have started to walk down/up but only if I am holding your hand. You have also started to say "Help" when you want me to hold your hand - melts my heart.

Happy. Your smile melts my heart and you love to smile.

Frustration. You can get frustrated easily with your toys which causes you to get angry and scream. If you trip or accidentally 'injure' yourself you will typically cry (not just brush it off).   We really try not to baby you but it seems like it's just part of your personality. You aren't a huge fan of your friends when they try and get physical with you - you are serious about your personal space. And in our classes you dont' like to get toys or put them away if there is a bunch of kids in the way - you will wait until it clears out to make your move.  You like your space and there is nothing wrong with that.

I am so excited for you to be a big brother and know that you will be so great at it. This next year will be an adjustment (for all of us) but I know we will love being a family of four! Hugs & kisses little man! love, mommy

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