Thursday, August 16, 2012

Baby Bumps & Names

Yup - still bigger than last time! 

After last weeks weigh in (and also just feeling a little blah in general) I decided to try and eat a little healthier.  Really the two main things I am doing is giving up chips (which I have been devouring every day with lunch) and trying to tune down the ridiculous amount of sweets that I have been inhaling. 

Giving up the chips hasn't been very difficult - it's the sweets that are killing me! I just had to turn down fresh Tiff's Treats....I am insane! Every night after dinner my cravings I had to find healthier deserts. I was just trying to replace my chocolate chip cookies with fruit - not so much a fair trade. I quickly realized I needed something a little more exciting so we had strawberries, angel food cake and fat free whipped cream...I definitely missed the ice cream but it did the trick. Oh and we had strawberry banana smoothies the other night...I made mine a little thicker so it was ALMOST like eating ice cream. It will be interesting to see if this has any affect whatsoever on my weight gain.

So enough of that. On to baby names. We definitely haven't decided on anything for sure but we do have a few names we have been throwing around that we both like. I better bring our list to the hospital so we don't forget!

Boy Names:
Grayson (probably would go by Gray)
Graham (I have a feeling if we go this route I will be calling him "my little graham cracker" at some that weird?)
For middle names we like Michael and Miller

Girl Names:
Cora (after my great grandmother)
For middle names we like Grace and Nicole

I hope once we meet little baby it will be easy to decide on a name! For now it seems so weird that we don't have one picked out...but it kinda goes with the "unprepared" theme that we seem to be going for. 

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