Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Rosemary Beach (part 2)

So another great thing about Rosemary is that they have so many parks for the kiddos to play in. They have one traditional park with swings, slides and stuff, and then a bunch of big open green fields where you can run around and play - the kids had so much fun!

We tried to get pictures of them in their crab outfits but it wasn't so successful. Ryan was no interested in sitting still...oh well.
Ryan loves feeding people...

Oh and he is very in to utensils these days. Who doesn't need two knives when eating chips and queso? We tried La Cocina (yup, a mexican restaurant in Florida), and it was actually pretty good - probably because the owners are from Texas. Yeehaw!
Ryan and Caroline were quite the bike riding buddies. I would like to say it's because they just love each other so much but in actuality it was because Miss Caroline was quite smitten with Mr. Kevin. lol! 
The weather was great the entire time we were there. One afternoon we had a nice afternoon shower and afterwards Ryan loved stomping in all the rain puddles. 

Ryan has a serious love for water bottles. Trust me, once he borrows yours you might as well give it to him. He really gets his entire mouth all over it and well, basically whatever was in his mouth too - ah well, it makes him happy. 
Kevin took Ryan on a walk when I went up for a shower and when I came down I found them in the backyard. The two of them were just sitting in silence staring ahead and completely content. It was so cute! 
One nights, after a visit to The Sugar Shack, we headed over to a park to get the sillies out. These little kiddos chased Brian around for probably 30 min giggling the entire time. So much fun!

Our daily transportation - sooooo much better than a car and dealing with a car seat. 

Another attempt with matching shirts. Finally getting the boys!

I have no idea how photographers do it - major props to them. It is amazingly difficult to get a decent picture of three children - oh well!

Last day at the beach - love these two little kiddos!

Love my bug in his shades. He actually didn't mind the aviators that much...

Such a fun week! Can't wait to do it again next year!

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