Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

My little bug and his daddy made Sunday such a special day for me!

The day started off with sleeping in - yay! If you know me, you know I love my sleep. Kevin played with Ryan and then they went to run some errands. When they returned I found Ryan in the hallway walking towards me with a BIG ol balloon. The best part was that the balloon is musical and when it starts to sing, Ryan starts to dance - it's adorable.
 Balloons, flowers, cards AND reeces peanut butter cups (my latest obsession)...and my two favorite men!
 Around 11 a picnic was packed and we headed down to the Arts District for a little outdoor dining and jazz music. We had a great time and Ryan loved playing in the water fountain outside the opera house. He wore himself out but we made it home in time for his nap.

 Playing in the water with daddy!

During nap time I was able to get out and get a much needed pedicure...oh how I miss getting one whenever I needed it...

Next up was dinner at the Hales house. Kevin and Michael (and one more family) had been planning a yummy dinner for us and they did not disappoint. The boys had everything planned out - apps, kids meals, our meals and desert! So yum!
Yup - that's steak and lobster! 

And of course I LOVED desert!

So did!

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