Sunday, May 13, 2012

Project 366 - week 18

Wow - I missed two days this week! (the 1st and the 5th) No worries - I improvised. 
Sunday, April 29: Hanging out at the Shops of Park Lane event
Monday, April 30: A trip to the arboretum with Yiayia T
Tuesday, May 1: No actual picture taken this day so I borrowed this one from the picnic lunch we had at the arboretum. I took his shirt off so he could fully enjoy his's so darn messy!
Wednesday, May 2: Getting the wiggles out before story time at the Nature and Science Museum
Thursday, May 3: R loves the ducks and turtles at North Park
Friday, May 4: Queso at Chuy's!
Saturday, May 5: Managed to miss this day as well...we arrived in Rosemary Beach - beautiful!

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