Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A week of YUCK

Yuck = Sick = no fun

We got back from Houston last Sunday and everyone was happy and healthy...for the most part. (Ol Kevin was nursing a little hangover from St. Patty's day on Saturday, but that was to be expected.) From there things went downhill. On Monday, my little man started with a cough and a little runny nose. I wished he could talk so badly because when Tuesday rolled around I knew he felt horrible but there were no signs of anything besides a little runny nose. He just wanted to be held.  I knew something was wrong. We ran up to the doctor to see if they could figure out what was going on. They checked him out and came to the same conclusion - just had a little cold.  He had a little sore throat but his ears looked nice and clear. Anyhow, we left and headed home. Since he was so clingy I knew something more was wrong and that going to swim lessons probably wasn't a good idea.
And thank goodness for that....right about the same time we would have been getting into the water he unleashed what I can only say was the reason for his discomfort. On my goodness...I cannot explain...and I won't explain but trust me, this was something only a mother (or father) could handle. The poor little guy seemed to be a bit happier after he got a lot out. But it was constant. We probably went though about 15 diapers.  Kevin even had to go in and change him before he went to sleep AND   in the morning he was fully loaded again. Poor little dude.
We spent Wednesday snuggled up together on the couch - I will say that I did enjoy our snuggle time! He never wants to snuggle for long but he loved it on Wednesday.  After a morning of nick jr., explosions and snuggles the little bug went down for a nap. I think his little body was on the mend and he slept for about four hours! He managed to stay dry the entire nap so I was hoping that meant we were in the clear but he unleashed one more 5 minute explosion...luckily that was out last one!

Ryan woke up on Thursday and was happy as a lark. Long story short mommy was sick. Things only got worse. On Friday I woke up and realized I was in no shape to parent. Thankfully my wonderful sister-in-law came to the rescue and picked Ryan up. When Ryan came home he went straight down for his nap and our sitter Natalie came over...I headed to my doctor to see what he could do. After chatting with him about my symptoms he decided that it would be best if I could just swing by the ol hospital (which is just an elevator ride away) and get an IV...just to be safe. (He was most concerned about my horrible headache that was causing nausea.) Ugh...not what I was interested in. I felt like it was a little overkill but I know since I am pregnant they just want to take every precaution. Luckily since my doctor called ahead for me everything was set up and things moved pretty quickly... I was basically in a gown and bed within 30 minutes...with an IV to follow. I had no fever when I arrived but shortly after it started to climb. Once they gave me two magical pills (as safe as it can technically be for pregnancy) I felt like new again. I quickly paged the nurse and told her I wanted to leave. I knew discharge would take forever and I didn't want to get stuck there. PLUS for the first time all day I was hungry and I knew what I wanted...not the nasty meal they brought me but I needed some In and Out Burger...and fast.

It was about 6:30 when I left and after making it though the drive thru and dropping my prescription off at Walgreens I was already starting to feel crummy again...starting to wonder if I should have left. By the time I got home with our food I had lost my appetite...and could only force down a few bites of my burger. I spent the evening laying on the couch with Kevin watching Hangover 2...everything hurt. I had chills, my stomach hurt, my head hurt...and then I took my temperature and it was 101.5....then 102.5....after that I was addicted and checked like every five minutes. Kevin started to get annoyed by this...mainly because our thermometer is so loud. It beeps twice then talks...a woman with a British accent says  "Your body temperature is xxx degrees". Anyhow, it gets old after a while...

I was so worried that I made a huge mistake by coming home. I took more of the migraine medicine that I was prescribed but noticed it started to make my heart race and feel tight (which was most likely a side effect of the caffeine in it). I got a couple readings of 103 (they told me to go to the ER at 104) but somehow I managed to get myself to calm down and fall asleep for a little while...and when I woke up my fever had broke. Whew!

Saturday I felt like I was hit by a truck and managed to stay in bed most of the day. On Sunday I woke up and was actually was amazing. We made it out to Dim Sum with friends but that wore me out and I needed a nice long nap afterwards. Recharged, Ryan and I headed out to watch Kevin play softball, then a quick trip downtown for a snow cone before dinner at the McDonough's. By the time we got over to the McDonough's I was pretty drained again...and no appetite. I must have just worn myself out because I woke up Monday with my headache in full swing AND a darn fever.

My amazing Mother-in-law came and got Ryan at 9:30 and took him for the ENTIRE day so that I could rest. I am so grateful for her because I think that was the rest I really needed in order to kick whatever it was that I had. Kevin got home around 5pm and took over - played with Ryan, got dinner and everything else - so wonderful. I started feeling better but didn't want to push it...was hoping I would wake up feeling great on Tuesday. AND I did! I am so glad to have kicked this sickness! I still have a wee bit of a cold but feel a million times better which makes me so happy.

This pregnancy has been a little more challenging for me - I feel like I have been sick so much! Very exhausting. Hopefully we can stay healthy for the remainder of the time - fingers crossed!

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