Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Break 2012

Ryan and I headed down to Houston to spend the week with family and friends.

We drove down Monday around lunch time so that Ryan would be able to nap in the car - that worked for about an hour.  Luckily he is more content these days and he didn't seem to mind the drive that much. (Which by the way does not translate to "he enjoyed the ride"). Of course we stopped at Bucees on the way...

Ryan isn't sure what to think of that beaver. He wanted to keep him in his line of sight...

We made it to Houston and Mk & Brian cooked us a yummy dinner! Tiff and her girls came over too!

Tuesday night we had a girls night at Tiny #5 - so yummy! I didn't get any pictures of us girls but managed to nap one of little Miss Taylor K - so adorable!

The next day Ryan and I headed to the Houston Children's Museum to meet up with our old Dallas neighbor Mica and her kiddos! It was super crowded but Ryan loved the toddler play area!

Yay! I got a hat! After playing at the museum we headed to Tiny Boxwood for lunch (and that would be meal #3 in a day and a half at Tiny's) - no complaints here!

Wednesday night we were back in Katy for dinner with Uncle Steve. 
The rest of the week we were pretty low key and hung out in Katy. My brothers girlfriend Claire came in town and Ryan had so much fun with the both of them! Here are some pictures from the rest of our time.

Helping Uncle Steve with push ups!

Stylin' my hair in the tub!

Skyping with daddy

Watching The Backyardigans on Uncle Steve's computer

Playing at the park!

Playing in the pool at Yia yia's - the water was too cold to get in but Ryan loved splashing with his feet! 

First time to play in the sandbox at Lupe Tortillas - he LOVED it!

Ryan loves his Smart Trike - he is so cute when he picks up the little phone and pretends to chat.

Obsessed with water these days...

Yiayia took him to the Rainforest Cafe and he LOVED it! So much entertainment for the little guy.

Ryan and his little balloon fishing pole

One last trip to Lupe's before heading back to Dallas to see daddy!

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