Saturday, February 26, 2011


As I type this we are driving along the gorgeous coast line of Maui in Kevin's new dream car...a minivan! Haha! It is quite spacious which is nice since we have so much luggage! So we made it! We were well prepared and Ryan did so great - lots of compliments on how he did so well! Everything has worked out so well thus far. We got in first and got our luggage then our sizzling minivan. Right after we got the van my parents got in so we picked them up and now we are headed to kaanapali alli, where we are staying! It is beautiful here and we are so excited to be here! Here are some pics from our trip so far.

This is Ryan right now! He is exhausted.... But it is his bedtime in Dallas!

Sleeping on the plane

Getting ready to take off!

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