Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Love to Hate: Day 05

This one took me a while to come up with but when Kevin came into the bedroom with his cereal this morning I knew I had to jump out of bed and grab my camera. I am usually up with Ryan before Kevin eats his cereal so I don't hear him but when I do I swear he purposely makes a racket so that he can wake me up!

He doesn't have bad eating habits at all, there is no slurping or crunching's the banging the spoon against the bowl that drive me nuts. That might sound silly but it's something that I noticed right around the same time that I quit working (and was sleeping in while Kevin was getting up for work) and I really really thought he was doing it to wake me up so we could chat.  I would just wake up and laugh at him and say you could really just ask me to get up if you want me to.  He swears he doesn't do it on purpose but now it's just so funny because it always wakes me up and although the banging sound can drive me nuts, I kind of love it now.

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