Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ryan's Room

I love this room by Serena & Lily - love everything about it! Don't be shocked if little Ryan's room looks similar :) I think I will end up ordering the bedding from here, but haven't decided 100%.

Picking out paint is so difficult! My mom has been super helpful with finding paints - blue is very tricky. My mom got two blues from Pottery Barn (misty blue & harbor fog) and then we ordered the blue (Air) that is featured in the picture above.

On a side note - the UPS wouldn't drop off the paint sample without an adult signature. Which was difficult considering neither of us are home during the day. I have been so excited to get the "Air" sample and was sad when we missed the first attempt. I was ready for the UPS man to come last night - home by 7, ready and waiting. Kevin wanted to do some gardening so we were all out back when all of the sudden Bob tore off in one of his little crazy barking episodes...then I heard the big UPS truck speed off. Shoot! So what did I do? Well I ran through the house (of course Bob was ahead of me angry and barking) and I had to pick him up to get out the front door because he wasn't going to let me go alone...grabbed the sticky note from UPS that was on the door...and with Bob in one arm and the UPS tag in the other we ran down the street. I imagine it was pretty silly looking considering you can clearly tell that I am preggo now...waving my arm to try and get him to stop all while I am randomly carrying my little Chihuahua. All for my paint sample. Of course Bob growled at him, but he said he was familiar with Bob because he always hears him though the door. Whew - paint secured. So we got back and I went straight to Ryan's room to see what it looked like on the wall.

Here is what they look like on our walls:

The grayish color is the "Air" which is featured in the room above - totally not what I was expecting. We like the blue on top the best (misty blue) - but are interested in finding a blue that is maybe a mixutre of the Air and Misty blue. However, I think we could just end up chosing misty blue because it won't be too over-powering since we will have white bead boarding on the walls as well. Who knew paint was so tricky - well I guess everyone that has painted their walls before does. :)

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