Thursday, April 29, 2010

25 weeks

Little Ryan now potentially measures 13 1/2 inches (plus or minus) and his weight is around a pound and a half. His fruit/vegetable this week is a rutabaga - evidently they weigh about the same. In addition little Ryan is starting to get some baby fat! I am sure all the cookies and cupcakes I have been eating having been helping this!  I am getting better at these solo pics as Kevin was gone AGAIN this morning. Bob and I spent the night alone last night which is never fun for us because we don't get much sleep. Bob stays up guard-doggin and I just tend to wake up every hour for no reason at all. We are excited to have Kevin home tonight because we haven't seen much of him this week!

And for those of us unfamiliar with a rutabaga - here it is.

Dr. appointment is next week and I think we will get to schedule a sonogram! So excited!

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