Monday, April 3, 2017

Weekend FIVE - 4.2.17

1. Kindergarten Cowboy Cookout! 
The kiddos have been learning all about Texas and to finish off the unit they celebrated with an annual kinder tradition - the cowboy cookout! All the kiddos were encouraged to dress up. They spent the morning rotating between obstacle courses, photos with bluebonnets, and 'cowboy dancing' (Ryan's words). Afterwards parents were invited to have a picnic lunch with them - so much fun. And the weather was perfect! We grilled hotdogs and had s'mores too!

2. Kevin and I had Lasik!
We have both been saying we need to do this for 10+ years...and we finally did! I had my surgery Thursday morning and then I was able to take Kevin to his Friday afternoon. We both went to Dr. Smith at Lasik Plus in Plano - the whole experience was great! 

3. Lemonade Stand
The kids have been begging to have a lemonade stand for months. So we decided today was the day... 
They made lemonade, signs, and decorations. 
They were ready!
A few tidbits from our selling:
- Sometimes they would accidentally quote $25 instead of $0.25
- They would all get so excited when a customer came that it would cause a fight on who would fill up the cup with lemonade
- Hayden poured herself a cup every time a customer came. And then she put her cup back in the cup pile when she was done.
- Ryan described the lemonade to customers as "The yellow is homemade and the red is fake".
- They had so much fun and even said "This is the best day ever" a few different times. lol

A friend of mine launched her new clothing line this weekend and all of us girls were there to support her! The concept behind the line is based on the fact that not all body types are the same - so why should all clothes be made to fit one body type? Chelsea has come up with three different body types that most people will fit within - and her dresses are custom made to fit those body types!

Meet Poppy, Cora & Hazel. 
More info here.

I am a Hazel - what are you? 
The launch party was a lot of fun - I loved seeing all the dresses and I even bought an adorable custom made clutch! I'll post a pic soon. 

I am wearing the crossroads and my friend Jenni has on the flutter minidress. This dress was a size too big on me here, so it doesn't do it justice - it's adorable! I can't wait for my custom one to come in the mail. I debated between the citrus and indigo, but in the end went with the indigo.  It's timeless. 

5. Sunday Funday
We had a lazy Sunday morning. Lots of legos, paint and paw patrol :)

It was nice to get out that evening for dinner with friends. Can't go wrong with Marianos!

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