Monday, April 10, 2017

Weekend FIVE 04.09.17

1. Friday Vibes

Celebrating Papu's birthday a little early. And with chocolate cake a la Society Bakery - yum!

2. Town Hearth
After we ate dinner and put the kids to bed, we snuck out to meet up with friends for dinner #2 at Town Hearth. 
This place is awesome - from the decor to the food. The only area they struggled with was cocktails. Stick to beer and wine and you will be happy. 

And more April birthdays...Bryan, Terra and Ali!

3. Kamado Joe
Earlier in the week Kevin had mentioned wanting to get a smoker. I guess I didn't realize how serious he was - lol! Since he had a rental truck (my car was getting work done) he figured it made sense to go ahead and get one. And thank goodness they had a truck - that thing is HUGE! 
Anyhow, I really haven't seen him this excited about anything in a long time. We got a bunch of different meat and veggies and he went to town. 
Being silly & taking a picture with the new grill. 

4.  Dying Easter Eggs
The kids LOVE dying easter eggs. I remember loving it as a kid, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

We did end up with a few cracked eggs (thank you ms. hayden) but other than that is was a huge success.

Oh, and I also got to sneak out for a fun birthday lunch at HG Sply Co for my friend Mandy!

Brunch with the bunny here
Easter Sunday here

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