Saturday, April 15, 2017

Brunch with the Bunny!

Saturday morning we headed to the club for brunch with the bunny!
These pictures always crack me up. I am surprised that Hayden is actually smiling because she was not thrilled about this whole situation. And Grayson looks like he is about to tip over. lol! Love this little tradition!


2015 (missing picture)
2014 (missing picture)



Back to Saturday...
I also tried to get one of all the kids...but guess who wasn't going for it?
Oh well- I am guess next year she might be ok with the bunny. 

We were actually ready a little early so we snapped a few pictures before piling in the car.

Hayden was so excited to be in the 3rd row with Grayson! Such a big girl!

Ryan was a little apprehensive with petting the animals...but Yiayia T showed him how its done!

In line for the bunny...she was not thrilled about this.

Just chillin'
She kids looks like a little old lady here...she's precious. 

So happy with daddy!

Off to the egg hunt!
Hayden did well. The trick is to give them small easter baskets! lol


She loves her Papu!

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