Sunday, December 11, 2016

Sausage Party at the Botterman's

Last night the Botterman's hosted the (32nd-ish) annual white elephant gift exchange & sausage party! 
Cheers to fun nights with family and friends!

I never know what to bring since I don't know much about German food...but I think I found my "dish". From here on out I will be making soft pretzels! They are so easy to make and they are so darn good! Ryan was obsessed with them...and well, I was too! I also made a beer cheese fondue to dip them in but that needs a little more tweaking!
Seriously amazing. I'll have to post the recipe soon - I kinda mixed two. 

Sweet kiddos! Ryan's face looks so awkward because he shoved a big ol' pretzel bite in his mouth before the picture. 

I love a good cheese board! And I love the rosemary and thyme garnish - so cute! Will definitely be incorporating this in my next board!

Sweet Tate!

Playing together...kind of. 

Sausage. Glorious sausage. 
I clearly need some sausage cliff notes because I didn't realize there were so many different kinds. 

And the other German fixins!

The kids had an ornament exchange!

Strangely...most of them ended up with the ornament that they brought. lol. 

And then the adult exchange started...the kids helped with the present selection AND the unwrapping. So helpful. 

Once the game was over we had a little mini celebration for Miss Lyla! She turned 11 today!
She has recently taken up a love for baking so we got her some fun new cookbooks!

Somebody enjoyed the birthday cake!

Hayden wanted in on the action. 

Big HUGS! 

Always a great time - love this tradition!

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