Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Cinnamon Rolls and Cookies

This year we made cinnamon rolls and cookie mix for our neighbors. On Thursday afternoon we packed up our little red wagon to make some sweet deliveries!
I used the same cinnamon roll recipe as last year - Pioneer Woman Cinnamon Rolls. And they were just as delicious as I remembered. However, I wasn't a huge fan of the maple frosting...so I did a cream cheese one this year. So yum!  If you are craving sweet rolls....of any variety you should check these out!
As for the cookie mix - Bakerella for the win! I used her Merry Christmas Cookie Mix recipe. I was super excited to get the kids involved...but there was a little bit of a learning curve and turns out the little kiddos weren't quite as helpful as I thought they might be. Imagine that. After multiple spills and countless swiped M&Ms, Kevin took the kiddos outside to play while I finished up. They needed to burn off some of that sugar!

I was suppose to use the smooth front jars (to easily apply a sticker label) but I accidentally bought the wrong ones. So instead of a sticker on the front, I opted for a printout for the top. I suppose you could print them on sticker paper as well, but I just used regular paper and the jar lid holds it on nicely. I made these little tops for the jars.  The printable directions are here

And the cinnamon rolls were delivered like this (thanks to my mom who helped me tie all the ribbons on!)

This little Red Wagon comes in quite handy!

Each kiddo got to carry something - cinnamon rolls, cookie mix and our holiday card. Hayden quickly realized she got the "boring" item to carry. 

She was happy to pull the wagon though...

We had to leave a few on our friends door steps...a fun little treat to find!

And by the end she was happy to be pulled in the wagon!

Last year we drove around delivering our cinnamon rolls...we didn't quite get around to that this year- oops! I actually still have a ton in our freezer so if we are needing something to do this week we might deliver them to some friends as New Year treats! 

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