Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Santa 2016

We decided to visit Santa on Monday after Ryan got out of school. 

Of course we had to prep for such an event. The boys were easy - but Hayden was not so sure about the whole thing. My mom went and pulled a ticket for us at 9am - #70. When we arrived shortly after 3pm we were able to get right into the waiting line, which went pretty fast. I think we were in Santa's lap within 20 minutes.  Gigi met us up there which was so helpful since Ryan had to run to the bathroom and well, having three kids I can always use an extra set of hands. :)
Knocking on Santa's window...

I think seeing how excited the boys were helped - however when we turned the corner she was a little skeptical. I really thought that she was going to clutch on to me and want nothing to do with him, but she actually was OK sitting with him. I mean, she didn't move a muscle. She sat so still and so emotionless.  

Ryan and Grayson were so excited - they practiced speaking loud and clear so that Santa could hear them. Ryan told Santa he wanted Red Socket, which he assured us that Santa would know what it was, however I suggested he just add "it is a Robot" just incase. He also mentioned that he wanted Chip and that they wanted a big trampoline for all of them. Grayson told him that he wanted the Paw Patrol Jungle Terrain Vehicle. yup - it's quite a mouthful. And of course Hayden said nothing - so they boys said that she would like some play-doh. 

And the official picture
Maybe we will get three smiles next year! 

I never blogged about Santa last year (water damaged computer)
This was the best one and Santa's eyes were closed! Gosh darn it!

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