Thursday, December 15, 2016

Color By Number - Grayson in the Middle

I love this Color By Number activity that Grayson was doing the last night. Ryan was doing homework, so of course he wanted to do some as well. He actually started doing Ryan's homework but that quickly caused an issue and I was able to redirect him with his advent calendar activity book (from Target) - whew! Anyhow, I explained to him how it worked (by starting to color in the light blue square) and he was so excited he got right down to business.  Hayden was also a super helper - she found the colors that he needed and gave them to him - after she put them in her mouth...#littlesister

I noticed he was going through the colors at an incredibly fast pace so when I looked at his page I started to giggle when I realized that he was only coloring the actual number! So cute! I showed him again how you are suppose to color the area that the number is in with the coordinating color (and not just the number itself). He understood, and then explained to me that he was 'too tired' to do that. I convinced him to try - so he did one orange square then happily reverted back to his original plan. He was quite happy with himself. #youdoyou

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