Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Dentist (Round TWO)

This morning Grayson and Hayden headed to the dentist for their biannual cleaning. Yay!
Looking so cool

Hayden was very interested in what was going on

Grayson did such an awesome job! He went with marshmallow polish (ummm yuck) and got a perfect report on his teeth. Yay!

And then there was Hayden....
She did as expected. Considering she hates laying on her back to get her diaper changed...she definitely didn't change her feelings when she had to lay down and have someone dig around in her mouth. She cried until she could sit up and then she was like "oh heeeeyyy whats up". Then she marched around the office like she owned it.
Now, back to those teeth. She has her four top and bottom teeth (in the front) and all four of her one year molars are almost all the way in. And they all look fab. Up next are her bicuspids. Luckily once those come in we have a break from teething for a while. 
In other news, she has a crooked jaw. Her bottom jaw is more of a U shape while the top is more of a V - so it doesn't line up correctly. You can't really tell now BUT it would be an issue later. 
In addition to the jaw issue she is lip & tongue tied. Our dentist also gave me a bunch of information on this but basically there isn't really anything we can/should do now. He said to wait until she is about 4.5 years and then we can fix it all. Soooo now when he brings all this back up in a few years I can't say "what?". lol

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  1. It's always fun to take the little ones to the dentist, and see how they react to all the new technology and creepy teeth models. Sounds like your dentist did a great job with Hayden, finding that jaw issue before it became just that, an issue. Good to see Grayson got a perfect grade on his teeth too!


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