Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Weekend Update

Yay for the weekend! 
Saturday morning we took the kiddos to the Perot. After starting out in the Sports Hall racing t-rex and the cheetah we headed to the children's area to let them loose. Hayden was in heaven. 

Of course she loved the water - it was all fun and games until she started pouring it on her head. 

She always loves to get behind the wheel!

These boys were best friends all morning long! They can be so sweet to each other and and it's so cute to watch...now if they could only act that way at home too. 

In the "under two" area Hayden decided she wanted to be Queen of the slide. She stood up at the top and basically pushed anyones face who tried to take over. Oye. 

Later that afternoon Kevin took Ryan to a basketball game and I took the other two to a birthday party at The Little Gym. It was a bunch of three and four year olds and Hayden was all over it. She kept up with them and was even doing the obstacle courses. Wild woman. In the picture above she was copying what some of the big girls were doing - so cute!

Sunday morning I taught in Grayson's Sunday School class (Kevin wasn't feeling great so he stayed home with Hayden.) This was my first time to volunteer in Grayson's class and he was so excited to have me there.  It was so much fun - three year olds are precious!

Later that afternoon I took the boys to see Curious George and The Golden Meatball at the Eisemann Theatre. They LOVED it! The highlight was definitely meeting the actors afterwards.

Grayson chatting with the Doorman (or woman). Ryan wanted confirmation that it was actually a girl, even though her role was "Doorman". Technicalities. 

Signing the boys programs

That evening the Hales, Suns, Jackson's & Botterman's came over for takeout and football. The weather was nice so the kids ran wild outside...it was the perfect ending to the weekend!

Happy to hang with the boys

Ice cream time! Woot woot!

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