Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Happy Father's Day

The boys and I planned a special little Father's Day for our favorite daddy! 

First up - yummy breakfast!

After our bellies were filled we packed up and took a little road trip down to Edom, TX to Blueberry Hills Farm. Unfortunately the blueberries weren't quite ripe, but they did have blackberries for us to pick. Ryan had fun searching for ripe berries...and Grayson had fun just picking berries in general, regardless of their ripeness. Oops.

This berry was huge!

The drive out there was so pretty - I think Kevin was ready to buy some land and move. lol

After our berry picking we headed back to the little country store for some blueberry frozen yogurt!

Ryan enjoyed his...while Grayson decided he was much more fascinated with the water...

Yup - his shirt is a little wet...
After ice cream we headed back to Dallas so Grayson could nap. 

The boys painted some artwork for daddy's office!

Not too shabby

And for dinner the Hales and (1/2 of the) Tantinarawats joined us. 
Bob hanging out with Lyla

Family pic!
We had fajitas for dinner...and I made an Oreo peanut butter ice cream pie for desert! We also had Blackberry & Blueberry Pie from Blueberry Hills Farm - it was amazing. Seriously, I don't care much for pie (unless it's ice cream pie) and it changed my outlook. So yum!
Happy Father's Day!

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