Thursday, June 12, 2014

Grayson 21 months

Holy smokes - this boys personality has exploded recently! He is crazy busy and doesn't like to sit still for very long. Grayson has always lit up a room but now he lights it on fire. lol. (I know that was incredibly cheesy, but sometimes that happens when you are a mom.) He is so energetic and when his smile is contagious! Seriously, on our recently trip to Florida he caught everyone's attention as he zipped through the terminal and so many compliments were given. On the plan he had the flight attendants wrapped around his fingers...oh this boy is trouble!
Your BIG personality
- He has started this goofy almost hyperventilating laugh that is so silly it makes everyone else laugh.
- You have this adorable excitement squeal, It's pretty awesome and everyone gets a kick out of it.
- You have gone from fearless to 'slightly' fearless. You still will try most things but have become a little more cautious. For instance you use to go down any slide, head first, without hesitation. Now you hold on tight and only go feet first. However, after a few times down you get a little less timid.
- You love to chase birds but when we fed them at the zoo you weren't that excited about it. Perhaps you enjoy the chase.
- You LOVE your big brother Ryan and want to do EVERYTHING that he is doing. You eat what he eats, you sit the way he sits - he has no idea how much you adore him! Seriously, if Ryan decides to hop two times while he is walking you will do the exact same thing. It's pretty adorable how much you admire him.
- Peek a boo is still one of your top favorite games - that always gets a big squeal from you!
Hamming it up in your hat!
- You are a wonderful napper - usually sleep from about 12:30 - 3:30.
- Bedtime is 7:30 and you sleep until 7:30 or 8am the next morning. No complaints here.
- It takes you a little bit of time to wake up in the morning and after like a little extra snuggle time with mommy or daddy.

- At 20 months we limited your paci use to the crib only...and I think your vocabulary has tripled. You are talking so much more and love seeing how everyone responds to your words.  
- Your favorite words are "Nooooooo" and "Mine", but I am pretty sure those might be every toddlers favorites! You also love "momma" and "dada" and you will repeat I love you back to us - so sweet :)
-Everyday you are using new words - it's so much fun to hear you talk! Even though we went through this same stage with your brother it's still amazing every time you learn something new. I love it!

- You wake up hungry (complete opposite of Ryan). Sausage and greek yogurt with granola has been your go to for a while. And you want to eat it by yourself...with utensils. You also keep an eye on what Ryan has as well. If it's different you typically want what he has in addition to your other food. 
- You are a fan of snacks. Around 10am and 4pm you are ready ready ready. 
- At the grocery store we can't go past the apples or bananas without you requesting one.
- If mommy is taking too long with dinner you have been known to get your own dish from the drawer, put it up on your highchair and then start trying to climb into it. When you are hungry you don't mess around.
- Here you are eating shrimp ceviche - I honestly didn't think you would go for it but you gobbled it up! I guess long beach days make you pretty hungry! You have also tried kalamata olives recently and loved might have your mommy's taste buds!  
- You love playing with is the only toy that I have seen you concentrate on for more than five minutes. I love it!
- Cars, trucks, trains....typical boy toys are your favorite!
- You love to help water the herb garden, every time we go outside you run for the hose and point it at the garden. I think you might have your daddy's green thumb. 
- Swinging at the park is still one of your favorite activities - nothing beats being pushed in a swing!
- You are sweet to everyone but typically pick one person a day that you are going to cling to. Sometimes it's mommy and sometimes is daddy....and on vacation Aunt Claire was one of your favorites! 

Love you so much!

So that's a little update on where we are now...but here is a little peek at the past four months.

Here is my little man at 18 months:
You really love wearing beads...even in the tub.

Big smiles

Helping daddy hang a new picture in the dining room.

And 19 months...
Dr. Grayson - Always be prepared.
Big fan of always holding something...anything.
Such a big boy insisting to wear your backpack. 

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