Sunday, February 2, 2014

#dailydimples2014 Week 5

Day 26: Woody helped mommy make eggs for breakfast! 

Day 27: Working on some Valentine's Cards

Day 28: After music Grayson and I made a quick trip to PBK to pick up some carts that I had ordered. We arrived just in time for story time so we hung out for one.... 

Day 29: Smoothies for breakfast - this little man always joins me on the steps!

Day 30: Making silly faces with oranges!

Day 31: After dinner with friends we headed over to Wilshire for Preschool Family game night! Face painting too! Ryan was deciding between a butterfly and a dog...Kevin made that decision for him :)
Day 32: Just chillin' in his baby sunglasses! I am pretty sure he keeps his eyes closed when he has them on...goof ball!

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