Saturday, February 15, 2014

Superbowl 2014

We headed out to the Itz's house in Keller for their annual Superbowl party. Jessica always does such a great job and the food is delish! I can't say much for the game (not that I would ever have anything to say) but I did really enjoy the halftime show! The kids all had a great time playing together...which always makes a party successful. :)

Ryan was quite interested in all of Marin's toys - I can only assume because they are "new" to him...not because they are girly :) Poor Kevin was a little concerned when Ryan wanted to play beauty parlor with Jessica...for about an hour. 

This guy on the other hand...didn't let go of the football. 

Of course there was a little tackling and play wrestling with daddy

Grayson bouncing on a pony while holding the football. 

Little cuties!

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