Saturday, January 25, 2014

Date with Ryan

Last Sunday I took Ryan out for a little mommy and me time - a little date if you will! We headed to North Park to see Frozen and then grabbed some lunch before heading home!

We loved Frozen - well I sure did. Ryan enjoyed it - his favorite character was Olaf (the snowman) but he calls him Frosty the Snowman. He loved eating popcorn and drinking a slushy - at 10am no less. He did pretty good watching the movie - got a little antsy at times but was able to refocus. At one point when the movie got quiet he loudly asked me, "Where is Mickey?". Oh dear - wrong movie. lol. He didn't seem to mind when I told him that it wasn't a Mickey movie so we were all good.

After the movie Ryan wanted a  grilled cheese - his favorite of the moment. We tried to go to Breadwinners but there was a 20 min wait. I decided that we could wait for a little bit since the library was right there and we could kill some time in there...they had a little MLK day craft so Ryan worked on that.


After about 25 minutes of waiting we went to check on the line/list and the hostess told me it would be another 20/30 minutes - wha?? Yeah so we left and just headed upstairs to the food court. Made no difference to Ryan...he still got his grilled cheese :)

Such a sweetie!

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