Friday, January 17, 2014

#dailydimples2014 - Week 2

Day 5: This little guy was so happy eating his breakfast. I was kinda shocked that he went for the plain yogurt (we ran out of the honey vanilla which is Ah-mazing) He really didn't seem to notice!

Day 6: Packed up and ready for our drive to Houston! A little nervous to take these boys by myself but they did great!

Day 7: Making oatmeal cookies with Yiayia!

Day 8: Skyping with Papu and showing off their new horses that we found at Bucee's!

Day 9: Celebrating Caroline's birthday (a little late)! Ryan just loves to sign happy birthday!

Day 10: The big boys stayed home with a sitter while the little boys got to run errands with us! 

Day 11: Wrestling with daddy! Everyone piled one!

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