Saturday, January 18, 2014

All that Glitters isn't gOLD!

Happy birthday Lindsey!
It's a little weird when your "young" friends turn 30...I mean, how is it even possible when I am still 30? lol :)

Anyhow, Mrs. Lindsey Park turned the big 3-0 and we were there to celebrate with her! Her husband recruited myself and Lauren to help with the details - smart man! We decided on a glittery and gold theme which was (as Lauren would say) ohsomuchfun!

We started out at White Rock Skate Rink - which was awesome! Just walking in the door takes you back to your childhood. It reminded me of the Mason Road Skate Rink in Katy...and smelled like it too! Everyone had so much fun skating...and surprisingly there were no injuries.

Birthday girl with her husband and Jacob

We even played games - here is the guys race! The girls raced too....and maybe I won? I always loved skating...and racing!
 Jessyca and Kevin taking a break
We all severely underestimated the "exercise" factor. We all got a little we had to take lots of breaks since this was only the beginning of the night

Banner by Eveything Design

And the money machine! I think she won $20? 

Then we headed to Matt's for some margaritas and food!

So many friends made it to dinner - this girl is loved

Adorable straws by Everything Design.

And of course some photo props (some made by Everything Design and some made by me and my new silhouette!)

Cake topper, 30, cupcake toppers made by Everything Design!

Miss Lindsey with her cake (that I may or may not have dropped! eek!!!)

And it was quite a fire!

So much fun! After the party continued at One Nostalgia (a dive bar). Us old folk (kevin and myself) were tired and had to head home! lol

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