Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ryan's 1st Haircut

We went to Snip-its today and you got your FIRST haircut! (Perhaps you recall a little snipping done by mom back when you got your helmet off, but this was your first TRUE haircut.) 

I had never been to Snip-its before but they have quite a production going. It's pretty darn cute too. Here you are waiting with Yia Yia

How could I child not love this? There is so much stimulation....

Buckling in

Getting that hair wet


All done...and getting a little angry

 All done and checking out. They give you a card to insert into this machine and it makes some LOUD noises and spits out a toy. Oh my....Fantastic Sams has nothing on this.

After your haircut Yia Yia T took us to Zoe's! Yum yum. You were much more interested in flirting with a little girl (around you age) across the restaurant than eating. What a bold man you are. It was adorable!

1 comment:

  1. he is absolutely adorable and happy 1st birthday to your little guy.. what a big milestone to hit.. good news is it only gets better from here :)


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