Sunday, July 3, 2011

11 months

{posted 9 days late - oops!}

This past Friday you turned 11 months old - as I say every month (and probably won't stop any time soon) OMG!

I LOVE your profile - so cute! Those cheeks are scrumptious! 

Let's recap what you have been up to lately.

We took swim lessons which you LOVED! You even went underwater and didn't even mind. Everyone in the class noticed what a happy little man you were and how you seemed to really enjoy swimming.  The only thing you weren't a fan of was called "Turtle Pow" and that was probably because it involved climbing out of the water, but once you figured out that you jump right back in you were ok and by the end of the session that was one of your favorite things to do!

 Here we are on your last day of swim class!

Swim classes lasted for two weeks - and during these two weeks you HATED bath time. I have no idea why this happened but basically the day you started classes was the day you decided to scream through bath time and it was like that every day for two weeks. Tonight was the first night since swim lessons ended that you enjoyed your bath - YAY!

You were sick for most of this month - a crazy cold in the middle of summer. I thought it was a result of teething but your runny nose just wouldn't go away. I thought it cleared up before we went on our trip to Houston, but while we were there it took a turn for the worse - your eyes started getting all goopy and you developed a horrible cough. You looked so miserable and I just wanted to fix you but didn't know what to do! We went to a pediatrician there and she said it was viral and will run its course. She gave us eye drops and a decongestant. A week and a half later you STILL were sick and you started pulling on your ears. We went back to the pediatrician and found our that you had your first ear infection. The odd thing was is that the ear you pulled and tugged at most was not the one where the infection was! Anyhow, we got you antibiotics and after about a week things have finally started to clear up for you. Whew! I am not sure what you had but you managed to pass it on to mommy and Yia Yia - we also had horrible soar throats (which I am sure you had and I didn't even know!) We both have been struggling with this viral infection for weeks now too! So in summary this is what we were dealing with this month:

2 horrible diaper rashes
1 nasty cold
1 ear infection
LOTS of eye gookiness

eating some grass

No new teeth this month but I am pretty sure you are working on some. You LOVE to brush your teeth and LOVE to watch mommy and daddy brush our teeth. I just gave you a real toothbrush and you try to use it - it's so cute. 

You go to bed at 8pm and have been waking up at 6:20am. I try to tell you that it would be so much better for the both of us if you could just sleep a little longer (then you wouldn't want to take a nap at 9am), but you haven't bought that yet. 

Your naps are all over the place. Somedays you take three, somedays you take 1. Sometimes they are long and sometimes they are short. I really never know what is going to happen but I always appreciate a nice long one :)

18lbs (we got a weigh in at our doctor visit)
9-12 month clothing
Size 3 diapers but you can wear 4

Destroying toys that are stacked up
Your push buggy
Your red wagon
WATER - the pool, your water table, your blow up pool, the hose
The dishwasher - you hop up on the door and mess with all the stuff in the silverware compartment. Usually pushing all the bottle nipples down like it is some sort of game
Puppets on baby einstien DVDs

Toys that are stacked high
bath time? (well for a two week period)
Waking up (alone?) You are not happy when you get up in the morning or from naps - you scream and scream until I come and get you. You usually give me a BIG hug then put your head on my shoulder - then everything is ok!

I think you really are saying Bob now - I mean that's what is going down as your first word. PLUS another thing you started doing this month is identifying people in pictures!!! If I hold up a picture and ask you "where's mommy" you point to me in the picture! You can also find daddy! It's so fun and we practice all the time now.

what a handsome little man you are!

loving Bob

I know this next month is going ot fly by - we are going to the lake house for July 4th, then headed to Montana and then prepping for your party! You have lots of friends that are coming - your Uncle Nick is even flying in from Florida! Yay! 

We love you so much! 

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