Saturday, July 16, 2011

Montana Trip - Daily details!

Thursday: hanging around the lake house

We took a walk along the lake midmorning and Ryan slept most of the time. Once we got back we played down by the lake. Ryan LOVED throwing rocks into the lake - he thought it was so funny. He also got to ride on the Aqua Glider with his cousin Ethan - so cute! Later we took the boat out and the kiddos went tubing! Ryan even went (with dad of course) and he seemed to enjoy it. Well, I don’t know if he enjoyed it, but he didn’t mind it. He was somewhat expressionless. For dinner that night we took the boat to a restaurant in lakeside. The food was yummy and when we got home we celebrated Ryan’s birthday!

Hanging out on the dock with Grandma!

Ethan & Ryan on the aqua glider 

Celebrating Ryan's birthday with cake! He loved the cake and his gift from grandma & grandpa.

Friday: Kerr Damn and Polson

There is still so much snow up in the mountains and it is causing the lakes to be a lot more full. The damn was running really heavy and it was super cool to see. The was a little hike down to the viewing area and I especially love the warning signs to watch out for BEARS and MOUNTAIN LIONS. Goodness, wasn’t sure about all that, but luckily we didn’t see any crazy wildlife. After our mini hike we stopped in Polson and checked out the Farmers Market. We picked up some lunch and had some gelato as well! Yum Yum! Mary cooked another amazing meal for dinner

Saturday: Wild Horse Island

On Saturday we took the boat over to Wild Horse Island to do a little hiking and have a picnic. It was uneventful as far as seeing any wildlife (which I was totally ok with) - there are horses (hence the name), big horned sheep, and even bears on the little island. After a little bit of hiking around we headed back to where the boat was to have a lakeside picnic.

Sunday: Big Mountain & Whitefish

We headed up to Big Mountain so I could do the Alpine slide - woot woot. I had no idea what it was so we decided I needed to try it. After we did some alpine sliding we headed up the mountain to do a little exploring. The views were AMAZING! 

And that, ladies & gentleman is an Alpine slide....

Little man fell asleep while we were hiking around.

Monday: Kalispell water park

The men went fly fishing so we went to the water park. We stopped and got some yummy burgers on the way and ate them at the park then headed in to swim. The water was surprisingly warm - well except for the baby pool which was FREEZING! We hung out mostly in the lazy river which was fine by Ryan. 

Love that SMILE!

Tuesday: Glacier National Park

We headed up to Big Mountain so I could do the Alpine slide - woot woo. Today was our "real" hike day. We headed to the park bright and early. The Hales and grandpa didn't come (they had done this trail before we arrived) so it was just us and grandma. I was a little worried about bears but the trail was somewhat busy since the full park wasn't open yet (there was still too much snow). Anyhow Ryan was our noise maker (to scare the bears away) and he was quite good at it. 

We made it!

And as we were leaving the park we saw a BEAR!!! Thank goodness it was on our way out because if it had been before I might not have wanted to hike!

The rest of the pictures are on Snapfish and you can view them here!

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