Monday, April 25, 2011

Ryan's first Easter

This weekend was packed full of fun and we are still recovering from it - I'm exhausted! Here are some pictures from our weekend!
Ryan helped mommy color some eggs!

On Saturday morning my parents here around 9:30am. We got ready and headed to Lakewood for brunch and fun Easter activities. They really do such a great job with Easter and I think next year will be super fun for Ryan -  he really couldn't do much this year. They have cupcake decorating, egg hunts, really bunnies to pet and pictures with the Easter bunny, which is the only thing we did.

He wasn't scared of the bunny....I guess we will see how he does with Santa this year!

 Easter morning

The Easter bunny made a special stop for a new little boy on his bunny trail.  Ryan got a basket full of goodies from the Easter bunny but he was busy crawling which made it hard for mommy to get a good picture!

Kevin and I went to the 8am service, which was packed! My parents watched Ryan for us which worked out really well. After church we got ready and headed over to the Suns house to celebrate with everyone. 

Cousin Lyla and little R

Truman is 4 months old!

Hanging with his cousins

All the kiddos - and Megan!

what a face!

Ethan helped push Ryan on the swing!

Getting ready to hunt for some eggs!

Confetti eggs!

Ryan just wants to eat it

We popped it on dads head!

Then Lyla got Ryan

So much fun!

We have such an eventful weekend and really enjoyed every minute of it. It was so great to be able to spend the holiday with both sets of Ryan's grandparents and cousins - such a lucky little man! We are so fortunate to have our family so close and to have such great friends!

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