Sunday, April 10, 2011


Ryan and I got back from a week trip down in Houston yesterday. We had such a fun time - we drove down Monday morning and went to Mk's house. I finally got to meet sweet little Thompson! I can't believe he is already two months old! He is a doll and such an easy going baby, but of course it probably is because Mk is such an amazing mother. Nothing really rattles her and she makes having a two year old and newborn seem ridiculously easy. Anyhow we hung out with the kiddos and when the sun came out we took a blanket and toys outside. It was so much fun! Later we headed to Lupe Tortilla's for some fajitas! Jen, Marc, Jessica, John, Missy and Kevin met us and it was so fun catching up with everyone!

On Tuesday little Miss Caroline had school so it was just us and the boys. We had a super fun day starting with an early lunch at Tiny Boxwood's  - this place is ADORABLE and I LOVE it. It's a shabby chic cafe within the Thompson + Hanson nursery on West Alabama. I really wish we had one here in Dallas. It's so cute! The weather was amazing and we sat outside with our little men eating our salads and sipping white wine mojitos! Yum yum! Plus their chocolate chip cookies are AMAZING! After lunch we did a little shopping for the boys. Mk took me to a cute boutique called Itsy Bitsy where I got Ryan a sweet little outfit that I need to get monogrammed. (side note: I need to find a monogram shop in Dallas if anyone knows of one)

Tuesday evening my bug and I headed west to Katy. Ryan was so happy to see his Yia Yia T and Papu! On Wednesday we had a fun day at the pool - Mk and her kiddos joined us as well. The water was too cold to get in but the weather was nice to we ate lunch outside and put our feet in the water.  On Thursday we headed into town to do a little more shopping for Ryan. They have so many boutiques with cute boy clothes in Houston! Plus I wanted to take Yia Yia T to Tiny Boxwood's since I loved it so much! Later that day Uncle Steve came in to town and we went to Lupe's for dinner. On Friday we had a relaxing pool day - we heated up the spa a little so Ryan could play in the water and he LOVED it! We met some friends from our old neighborhood at Perry's for dinner and had a great time.

Our trip was so much fun and even though we were there for almost an entire week we still didn't get to see everyone we wanted to.  Would have loved to see Cristin and Tiffinys families but our schedules didn't work out. We also really wanted to see Ashley but were unable to. She had major surgery on Tuesday and I really wish we could have got to visit with her. We were thinking about stopping by on the way out of town but were unable to. Been thinking and praying lots for her! She is one tough cookie! We really missed Kevin and had to head back early on Saturday morning. Driving alone with an 8 month old is quite a challenge but I am glad I did it because we had such a great time.

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