Monday, April 25, 2011

9 month - stats

Today we went to see Dr. Neely for Ryan's 9 month check-up. He did so great and was happy the entire time. I didn't really have any questions for the doctor so it was pretty quick. I really thought R was in higher percentiles, but I guess he is still a little man....for now. 

Weight: 17lbs 8oz - 8%
Height: 28.25in - 50%
Head: 43.5cm - 8%

As Yia Yia T says "he is tall and trim"

We also talked about his therapy and although R still has a slight tilt we have decided that we no longer need to go to therapy. I can do the stretches at home and he is right on track as far as where he should be developmentally. Tomorrow will be our last session with Sandy...I just have to tell her!

Ryan was so active while we waited for Dr. Neely. He really LOVED checking himself out in the mirror and kept head-butting himself - what a goof!

He didn't get any shots but they did prick his big toe to do a blood test to check his iron level. Everything was great, he didn't even really notice - the only thing he noticed was the bandaid on his toe and he sure wanted it!

I am still working on his 9 month letter and we need to take his pictures! Hope to have that post ready soon!

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